ISKAY was born after our co-founder, Cynthia, saw these bright tennis shoes on a trip to Peru in May 2016.

Honoring the Peruvian ancient textile heritage, we named our brand in Quechua, the Inca language. ISKAY means "two" and does not only represent the feet we walk with, but also the artisans' hands that create these shoes.

Our mission is to bring the bright colors of Peru to you. We focus on connecting you to the Peruvian artisans who follow centuries-old Inca traditions to design authentic handmade shoes. These artisans weave, treat and assemble the fabric to create your ISKAY shoes. 

Our commitment to the people of Peru runs deep. Thus, for each purchase, ISKAY will make a donation to  Nexos Comunitarios a non profit Peruvian organization, that focuses on reducing poverty in isolated communities within Peru and promotes understanding and respect between different cultures.

ISKAY wants to thank you for making our mission of “Connecting Peruvian Artisans to the World” possible and for helping those in need while bringing beautiful colorful shoes to your feet.

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